Andy Robertson tells us how he handled training during lockdown

Two-time British 60m indoor champion, Andy Robertson, told us how he handled training through lockdown and what he learnt from it.

“As an international sprinter, I found it quite challenging when the pandemic started. My track and facilities were closed, so I had to improvise.

“I had to do tonnes of road running and do my gym sessions in my back garden. Luckily many years ago I bought a bench press with 50kg worth of weight discs to train with, but I still had to adapt very quickly.

“Due to the change in training, I actually got myself into really good shape, so once I got back onto the track again I was running PBs in training, and when racing returned, I was running well and became the 2nd fastest man in the country with a time of 10.03.

“So, going forward, and with the Olympics due to take place next year; I will use some of the training that I did during lockdown again throughout my winter training, as well as using Active iTrain and Active Copley, along with the track in Manchester.”

Andy is one of our Active Champions. To find out more about the Active Champions programme, and how to join, click here.